In a span of a month, I managed to get a flat tire in the same exact tire twice. After going through the struggle of not knowing how to change my car's tire, I knew I needed to make a two-page spread on just that! For my Visual Communication 2 class, we were prompted to create two pages on a "How To" topic. I could not miss this opportunity to refresh my own memory while creating a visual for others in case they ever get a flat tire.
Tools Used:
Procreate - InDesign
To develop my concept for this project, I fist made a list of possible ideas I could work on. I wanted whatever I did to have meaning to me and to be fun. Writing down all my thoughts gave me a large variety to choose from, and ultimately led me to my final design.
Once I had my concept, I started to sketch. The images below below show my ideation for how I wanted to lay out my publication design. It was helpful to see different ways the information could be shown. I also sketched out different aspects that would be used throughout the magazine.
The next step in my process was to create a simple black and white spread of my design. This helped me see how the text itself would flow so I could go into the development of my images.

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