As I am sure you can tell, Shannon Elise Designs is my personal company. As I began working on more freelance jobs on the side, I decided it was time to make it official and create an LLC for myself.
I did have a logo I had created while I was in college, but it felt very outdated and didn't represent who I am at this point or my business. I wanted an updated brand that was modern and timeless, while also representing my company and all I strive for it to be.
It was so much fun revisiting my brand and making it into what is is today!

-Procreate - Illustrator
Creative Process
To begin my creative process, I first researched minimalist, modern logos to gain inspiration. I then sketched out a few design ideas to get a good idea for where I wanted to start. 
It wasn't until I stated to work in illustrator before I really found the design I liked. It took a lot of tweaking and moving text around to get the logo to final. 
There wasn't a main reason I went with a green color palette, other then I loved how it looked with my logo. The colors feel timeless and work well together. Green also has a special meaning of HOPE to me, and I love the message that carries. I want to create designs that have meaning and can inspire hope in different ways.
Final Logos
Below are my primary and secondary logos. For the secondary logos, I used my three main colors as a background to show how the cream or black looks against that base.
Primary Logo
Secondary & Alternative Logos
Brand Guideline & Identity

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