As a Product Manager at Primitives By Kathy, I work on jobs from start to finish. For a new job in our 2022 Supplement Catalog, we wanted to highlight the Color of the Year (Very Peri), while complimenting it with iridescent accents, natural wood tones, and a soft color palette that works with the Very Peri.
I worked with a local artist on this collection. Phil Chapman is a hand letterer that we collaborate with on many jobs. Phil provided us with hand-lettered sentiment while I drew the mandala used throughout the different products.
Below, you will see how the items in my collection are displayed in our 2022 Supplement Catalog. As you continue down further, you will see each item that is in the collection.
Tools Used:
 Illustrator - Photoshop

2022 Supplement Catalog
Collection & Product Images

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