Going into the Fall semester of my senior year, I was planning on getting engaged very soon (which I did in October!). Having this exciting season of life approaching,  I wanted to explore the wedding design industry and create work that brides would love to use in their own weddings. This also allowed me to experiment with ideas for my own wedding. Material design has been something for which I have grown a deep love for and I was so excited to tamper with making invitations, bridesmaid proposal boxes, signage, painted vases, and macrame accessories.
For the invitations, I used earthy colors to fit into a boho theme. I then experimented with a marble effect in procreate to give a fun design overall. In this package, I included the invitation, details card, and an RSVP. 
Tools Used:
 Illustrator - Procreate
Bridesmaid Proposal
Below are the actual boxes I created for my bridesmaids. I had help from my dad to make the boxes, and then I stained them. For the names, I laser cut them so they would last longer than vinyl and give the boxes a more professional and clean design.
I created everything included in the box: Champagne flute with personalized name, wine bottle label, macrame keychain, digital illustration sticker, and picture with the message "Will you...?"
Tools Used:
 Illustrator - Procreate - Laser Cutter - Cricut - Macrame Cord
For the process of creating my wedding welcome sign, my dad assisted me in cutting pieces of wood to be able to form the "V" shape. I then sorted them in an order that I thought worked the best visually. Once that was finished, my dad helped me cut the wood into a circle and I then sanded the edges. Once I was finished sanding, I used a water-based polyurethane to coat the sign.
Tools Used:
 Illustrator - Laser Cutter - Jig Saw - Circular Saw
The next step in creating this sign was to cut out the letters for the sign and attach them. I used a laser cutter to do this step, and then painted the letters white. I experimented with different fonts and widths before deciding on the final product.
In addition to having our last name for the sign, I also cut a "Bride to Be" sign to use at my bridal shower. After cutting everything out, I began painting the letters white so they can be added to the sign. Below shows the before and after for both versions of the sign.
Painted Vases
There was a new trend which surfaced on Tik Tok that involves painting glass vases with paint and baking soda/baking powder. This technique creates a ceramic-like finish to any surface on which you paint. This trend looked too fun to pass by, so I took a jab at it, and I am very pleased by the results.
Tools Used:
 Glass Vases - Paint - Baking Soda - Macrame cord
When experimenting with macrame, I fell in love with so many ideas. Below is my take on flower bouquet holders. This is something I have not ever seen before and I felt that it fit right into my boho inspired wedding theme (featuring my beautiful ring!).
Tools Used:
Macrame Cord

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