Over the summer of 2020, I had the opportunity to intern at Turkey Hill Dairy's (THD) main office as a graphic designer. Though COVID was a big part of that year, I was still able to gain experience in person and learn from very skilled individuals. My duties included creating new promotional material, editing and photoshopping images, organizing files, and coming up with new concepts to be used on various projects.
I was able to learn what it is like to work at a corporate level and manage my time well as I worked with a variety of vendors and departments within THD. I expanded my knowledge in Adobe software: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, as well as Microsoft programs: outlook, teams, etc. My time spent at THD helped shape me into a better designer and I am excited to share projects I worked on - I also got free ice cream and tea so that was a plus!
2021 Sales Booklet 
In the first few weeks of my internship, my supervisor tasked me to create a few concepts for the 2021 sales book. In this book, THD outlines different products they have and customers can order what they need to sell in their store. I created two versions for the Premium Drinks and two versions for the Premium Ice-Cream. 
Tools Used:
Illustrator - Photoshop
All Natural Coupon
One of the next projects I worked on was a coupon redesign. Pictured on the left is the original concept that was given to me. My goal was to create a design that was more fresh and new, while also staying true to THD's brand. This coupon helped me strengthen my photoshop skills since I had to photoshop all the food elements to look like they were laid out on a table.
Tools Used:
InDesign - Photoshop
Half-Gallon Drink Coupon
Coupon number two was for THD drinks. I was given the original coupon, pictured left, and I had to create a new, fresh look. 
For my new concept, I used photoshop to put real images of fruit together to give the image a fresh, healthy look. The three words I wanted to portray in the coupon were refresh, relax, and enjoy. This version was the one chosen to be used as their coupon.
Tools Used:
InDesign - Photoshop
Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership Coupon
The last coupon I worked on was for the Turkey Hill Clean Water Partnership (THCWP). The coupon on the left was the original concept. THD wanted me to create something more exciting and engaging for a customer. They also did not want the coupon to look like veins since that does not scream "Ice Cream."
Sticking with the water and ice-cream cone idea, I developed my own version in procreate. Below are the three concepts I developed for the cone. The first version is more simple, but it helped to spark new ideas. After getting feedback, I tried having the water actually be the chocolate ice-cream instead so it looked like a river. That spurred the idea further and I developed a farmland (dairy farm) with a river flowing through it. This represents the idea of what the partnership focuses on.
Tools Used:
Procreate - InDesign
Below is the final coupon I created.
2021 Novelties
Who doesn't love new ice-cream treats!? THD began the development of new novelties that were just released at the beginning of 2021. One of my tasks was to photoshop the packaging on boxes, as well as build new ice-cream sundae cups from scratch. The novelty line has many other flavors that can be purchased at any store, but it was very fun to be apart of this development process. I even got to sample the yummy treats! 
The sundae cups were created using different images of the ingredients. I then photoshopped them together to make it appear to be an actual sundae cup. For the sandwiches and bars, I was given the packaging images that were done at an agency, and I photoshopped the photos onto a mockup. These mockups were used in presentations to promote the upcoming additions.
Tools Used:
Photoshop - InDesign
Continuing with the development of the new novelty line, I also worked on photoshopping the items into a store aisle. My supervisor went to the store and took images of the ice-cream aisle. My goal was to add in all the new items so that THD could see what their new product would look like against it's competition. The final is directly below.
To the left are the before images that I worked with. I took these and combined them into the image above. The first three are the images before I added the novelties and the bottom three show what the novelties would look like on a shelf.

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