In my Packaging Design class, we were prompted to create a three-series design. I was inspired to create the packaging for candles which I call "Lumiere Candles." 
For this project, I created the logo/brand of the candles as well as the overall design. This series was solely focused on Fall scents so I created patterns that relate to three smells that make me think of the Fall. The candles are Harvest Pumpkin, Spiced Cider, and Gather. I also created a cutout on the top of the box in the shape of the logo as a way for people to easily smell the candle in the "store."

Tools Used:
Procreate - Illustrator
Our first task was to create a creative brief that explains the project, the target audience, different competitive landscapes, and more. Having this information is helpful to understand the full scope of the project.
In most real design jobs, there will be a creative brief provided to the designer, but this was still great practice in learning what a project involves and to think through the different areas of the project.
Final Pattern Development
My next step was developing my sketches. I started by sketching out what I wanted the Box to look like. I noticed a theme in my ideas - most of them involved a pattern of some sort. I thought it could be really fun to create cute patterns that have elements that represent the candle scents.
For the Harvest scent, I created a scarecrow, hay bale, pumpkins, and a sign saying "Pick Your Own." For Gather I have cinnamon sticks, a place setting, and pie. These elements remind me of thanksgiving dinner/gathering. Lastly for Apple Spice, I included apples, cider, and cinnamon sticks. 
All three of these patterns remind me of memories from the fall and make me think of specific aspects of the season.
Final Die Cut Mock-ups
After developing the design, I created die cuts so I could print the boxes out and assemble them together. This ensures that my design elements will work properly once folded into the box.
Mock-up Test
I also printed out a blank die cut to make sure I would be able to put the final boxes together properly. This helped me also understand what sides each part of the design should go on so it would be correct. After seeing a mock up, I also noticed how big I originally made the logo cut out on the lid. I wanted it to be big enough to smell the candle scent but without the scent being overpowering.

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