When I was prompted to illustrate a short story, I knew I wanted it to be special. My mom provided me a short story she wrote when she was in high school titled, "The Night Before." It was a fun spin on the well known story, "A Night Before Christmas."
I jumped at this opportunity to create a fun story book that illustrated the beautifully written words my mom put on paper. This was also a challenge for me in terms of illustration. I consider myself a more realistic illustrator, but I wanted to focus on a more fun, cartoonish style for this project.

Tools Used:
Procreate - InDesign
To the far left is the original article my mom wrote. I rewrote the story on a word document and made a few adjustments so the story flowed better. It was also much easier to access the text from the word document I created as I moved into the final publication process.
Below are the sketches I made before going into more detail. The two images on the top left are my initial sketches when I was thinking about how to split up the text. After having a good idea, I took my sketches into procreate and started to develop more detailed sketches. This was very helpful going into my final illustrations. My final step was purchasing the book for my mom using Blurb.

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