Shalom - the Hebrew meaning of peace, harmony, wholeness, completeness, prosperity, welfare, and tranquility.
As I was thinking over what I wanted to focus on for my self-authorship, I knew I wanted it to be something that reflected my journey and that had a meaning behind it. Over the past year, I have felt this constant pressure with school and figuring out my future. One thing I found that brings me an overwhelming feeling of peace has been crafting and creating work that is relaxing. 
After reflecting these things, I developed the idea for this series. I wanted to create a collection of work that brought me joy and peace as I created it. I also wanted to explore new textiles and materials. Due to the purpose of this work, I am calling this my Shalom series. 
Below are a variety of prints that I created to represent shalom. When I worked on each piece, I prepared myself to have a peaceful mindset and to just fully enjoy the process. I went in with zero expectation, and God worked through me to produce the work you see below. ​​​​​​​

Tools Used:
Procreate - Photoshop
Punch Needle Pillow
Punch Needle was a new technique I had never experimented with before. I would see so many pieces of art done by punch needle and I was inspired. I love learning new skills, so this was the perfect opportunity. Though the colors of the yarn are a bit darker then the colors in my series, it was still a lot of fun to learn and I feel that it turned out great!
Tools Used:
Punch Needle - Yarn - Monks Cloth - Snap Frame - Sewing Machine - Sewing Needle - Pillow Insert
Painted Pots & Vases
I wanted to explore painting terracotta pots and vases using the style of my series. The terracotta pots fit in well with my colors and theme, and who doesn't love a fun plant pot!? For these designs, I pulled my patterns and shapes from my prints. I also painted three glass vases using the paint and baking soda technique. This gave them all a ceramic look.
Tools Used:
Terracotta Pots - Paint
Macrame Wall Decor
Macrame has brought me so much joy since I started in the past year. It is a mindless craft that is peaceful and relaxing. I felt a macrame project would be perfect for this collection, so I created a few half circle wall decorations. I laser cut out the circles and then painted different patterns that connected to my original prints. Then I created multiple macrame patterns. 
These wall decorations can be used anywhere in a home or building to make the space fun and add a splash of color and texture. I paired these hangings with my painted pots and vases as well to show how they can be used in a home.

Tools Used:
Laser Cutter - Paint - Macrame Cord - Magnets
Below are three patterns I created in my series that are used on a variety of products: iPhone cases, coasters, water bottles, pillows, journals, and drawstring book-bags.
Tools Used:

Below are a few products that could also be made using the simple botanical artwork. There are iPhone cases, pillows, drawstring book-bags, coasters, journals, and zipper bags.

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