A dear friend of mine reached out and asked if I would create the logo for her photography business. This was such an honor and so much fun to work on! Ali wanted a logo that would depict joy and warmth and that would represent her as a person and photographer. I worked with her for several weeks to develop her final brand identity.
A few years after creating Ali's first logo, she reached out to me again to redesign and update her logo. This new logo was just updating to have a more modern look to her brand, still using the same colors and sun design.
Tools Used:
Procreate - Illustrator​​​​​​​
Original Logo Design
When brainstorming ideas, I sketched everything out in procreate so I could play with fonts and designs. It also helped me explore different layouts and designs. Ali originally wanted to see a logo with some form of floral design. Later, she asked me to create a few options with a sun logo.
After the initial designs, Ali had three main suns that she was interested in for her logo. I provided Ali three options for each sun, each having different type layout. I also brainstormed secondary logos for her brand. I created a variety of those logos so she could see which one she preferred most. I created the below images in Illustrator.​​​​​​​
Color Palette
For Ali's color palette, she already had colors she was using throughout her instagram. I pulled those colors since they already reflected her brand. They are warm, earthy tones which fit into Ali's vision.
Original Final Logo
After Ali's approval with the logo, I provided her with both a color version and a black and white version. She received both as jpgs and png in RGB/CMYK. By doing so, she is able to use her logos on various things in the future for her business.
Brand Identity Guide
I also created a brand identity guide for Ali to use as she continues to develop her business. I included a colored logo and black and white logo, her two fonts, and her color palette with the hex code.
Updated Logo Package
Ali approched me wanting her new logo to have a modern font and then have the word "photography" rounded over her name. I began reseaching different ways of incorporating A and W together for her secondary logo as well as new ways of laying her logo out. After my initial sketches, we landed on using here original sun logo with the next text layout.
NEW Final Logo
New Brand Guideline
Brand Identity Guide
I also created an updated brand identity guide for Ali to use. I included a colored logo and black and white logo, her two fonts, and her color palette with the hex code included.

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